Turbo Charged, High- Speed Voice, Video, Data and Sensor Data (VVDS) Transmission!

Gigantic Self-Healing 1mile Industrial WiFi Hot Spot! Flexible networking permits devices to seamlessly join.

Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Reliability! Proven in extreme sun, wind, heat, sand, salt, cold, and humid conditions


Maximum Throughput! Dual radios with concurrent operation

3x3 MIMO with three data stream delivers outstanding RF coverage for IIoT applications

Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports features PoE power to devices, e.g. IP CCTV cameras


 WP201 Shorthaul Communications

FreeWave’s WavePro™ WP201™ series shorthaul and Wi-Fi platform delivers secure collection, control and transport of Voice, Video, Data and Sensor™ (VVDS) information, and is a critical component of FreeWave’s Sensor-2-Server™ communication solution. This cost effective, high-speed, rugged communication platform is specifically designed for outdoor industrial locations and is proven to be reliable under extreme environmental conditions. Its advanced self healing technology makes it ideal for in-field area networks for oil and gas, utilities, mining, facility automation, municipalities, disaster recovery, or any industrial application that needs extremely reliable communications.

The WP201 supports concurrent, dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz operation to maximize data over- the-air throughput and minimize link latencies. Making the WP201’s wireless performance even faster is its 5GHz 802.11ac and 2.4GHz 802.11n radios, which move 1.3Gbps and 450Mbps, respectively. Spectrum Management is designed in with Band Steering to offload congested 2.4GHz communications to the 5GHz bands where usage is typically less. The product supports DFS/TCP for compliance with high-power operation in global 5GHz U-NII bands.

Virtually any M2M, SCADA, or Industrial IoT application can benefit from the enhanced security features provided by the WP201. The product supports all standard encryption methods — including WPA and WPA2 in both small business (pre-shared keys) and enterprise (802.11x). HTTPS, SSH, SNMPv3, VLAN and RADIUS authentication are all supported by the WP201.

When running wires is just not an option, the WP201’s flexible wireless networking extends network coverage by creating a command and communication infrastructure on one band while using the second band for communications with local devices, e.g. sensors, smart phones, and tablets. Flexible networking and the use of directional antennas allow WP201 networks to cover square miles.

FreeWave’s Sensor-2-Server communication solution delivers a new industry standard for secure industrial data transport. With its dual band and concurrent radio functionality, the WP201 offers more than enough throughput for even the most intensive Voice, Video, Data, or Sensor applications.